About Paint Night

Host a Paint Night with Friends

Host a paint night at your home, church, fire hall or where ever you decide to get together. We bring the canvases, paints, pallets and brushes. You bring your friends, fun and any food or drink you wish. We offer the chance to have prophetic paint nights and “follow along” paint nights. 

Prophetic Paint Night

When hosting a prophetic paint night, please be prepared with appropriate music and to allow the spirit to move as the Lord wishes. This includes prayer, worship and flow. It’s all about what God wants to release to you and your company at this time. Mediums available for this include; Acrylic on Canvas, Charcoal on Paper, Spray Paint (weather permitting). Price per person varies based on medium.

“Follow Along” Paint Night 

Follow along Paint Nights are not you standard painting session. While there is a painting that everyone is following, we also encourage the artists to tap into themselves to create a piece that is unique and truly their own. There are many sample images to choose from and one can be created just for your event with enough notice. Acrylic on Canvas is the only medium available for this event.