Cynthia Complese

I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, but now make Central Pennsylvania my home.  I am a devout animal lover, photographer and artist, but most importantly a Christian. I participate in Worship Drawing and Prophetic Paint at Harvest Chapel in Abbottstown and I teach Prophetic Art. I believe very strongly in the power of prayer and the authority we have through Jesus Christ. My favorite scripture is Isaiah 55:11

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;  It shall not return to Me void,  But it shall accomplish what I please,   And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

I live to share the Word of God and watch as the Fire of the Holy Spirit moves across the world. While I enjoy my hobbies, my favorite thing to do is fellowship with my Sister’s in Christ and worship our Lord and Savior! I felt the calling to Prophetic Art while I was in my seat at a Healing Service and began to sketch and doodle what I was seeing as someone was speaking. It was like watching the sermon come to life before my eyes. Since that day I was invited to do Prophetic Painting at Harvest Chapel, which you can view the Sermons of Pastor Don live from their website. www.harvestchapelpa.com. I have had the pleasure of being asked to come and paint at Woman’s Conferences, other Churches and much more.

I have to tell you that my story is not one of the easiest roads to walk, but I have been made stronger through it. I know the Spirit of God wants to flow through His Children (of all ages). My hearts cry is to get tools of creativity into the hands of the worshipers. I fully believe that God wants to move in many ways and art is one of them.

I want to encourage you to take a moment and think about our Creator, and how we are made in His image and His likeness. If then we are made to look like Him, would He not have set creative values in us, to create as He did?

Come and join me as we usher in the season of the Creative!